About Us

Our Congregation Today
We are an Orthodox Christian congregation living the ancient, biblical faith of the New Testament Church; a part of the same Church that was founded by Christ, preached by His apostles, and carried on by their successors, through the centuries, to us today.

parish photo 201901At this point, around 15 people are generally in attendance when we celebrate the Divine Liturgy, creating a very friendly atmosphere.

We have been regularly holding services in Toowoomba since 2014.  For more details about where we have come from, please see the ‘Parish History‘ section of our website.

At present, we are the only Orthodox church on the Darling Downs. All people of good will are welcome to our services, and we particularly welcome Orthodox Christians who live in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, and people who want to find out more about how original Christianity is practised today.

Fr Andrew and Fr ErichOur Clergy: Fr Andrew and Fr Erich
Fr Erich Fein [pictured right] lives in Toowoomba.  He has served our community for many years, leads services, and provides pastoral care and education for our community.  Fr Erich may be contacted through: toowoomba@holyannunciation.net

Our Rector [pictured left] is Fr Andrew Smith.  He is based in Brisbane at Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church.  He has served as Rector since our founding in 2017, providing guidance to our community.

Our Diocesepkmhbg
St John’s Orthodox Mission is a part of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, within the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

Our ruling bishop is Metropolitan Hilarion (who is both First Hierarch of ROCOR and Archbishop of Australia & New Zealand); he is assisted by Bishop George of Canberra, the administrator of our diocese.  We are within the Deanery of Queensland, headed by Mitred Archpriest Gabriel Makarov. Additionally, as part of ROCOR, we are within the Church of Russia, headed by Patriarch Kyril.

iconstjohnthebaptistsmallOur Faith
For more information, please see the ‘About Orthodoxy’ section of our website.

Our Patron Saint
Our Mission is dedicated to the Forerunner of Christ, St John the Baptist. We celebrate this feastday in January, soon after we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus Christ.

To learn more about St John the Baptist, you can read the OrthodoxWiki article about him (link).

Our Location
Our Mission currently worships on the campus of the University of Southern Queensland. Most services are held in room T118, in Building T on the ground floor facing Baker Street.  We are just across from the Recreation Centre at 20 Baker Street.