History of St John’s Mission, Toowoomba

Our community began in September 2014, when the then-Rector of Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church in Brisbane, Fr Alexander Borodin, visited a small group of Orthodox Christians who live in Toowoomba and served a Vigil service at the University of Southern Queensland. From that point, this group committed to serving Vespers services twice a month, as an outreach from Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church.

In July 2015, we celebrated a milestone, with the first Divine Liturgy being celebrated by Fr Andrew Smith, and a schedule was established to celebrate Liturgy once a month, in addition to regular Vespers services led by laypeople in the community at USQ.  In November, the Vespers services were replaced by regular Typika services at All Saints’.

This schedule continued through the first half of 2016 when, due to clerical changes in Brisbane, we transitioned to monthly services led by laypeople in the community, with quarterly visits from Fr Andrew to celebrate the Divine Liturgy.

In March 2017, we received the joyful news from Bishop George that we were made a Mission of the Diocese, being placed under the patronage of St John the Baptist, with Fr Andrew as our inaugural Rector (parish priest).  Soon after, in April, we moved to form a Parish Council from the members of our community.  After that, we took steps to increase the number of community-led services that we were holding.  This led to another milestone in August, when one of our faithful parishioners was ordained by Bp George to be the first Reader of our Mission. Rdr Erich has been leading Readers services since our community began, and this was a joyful occasion for our community to be a part of.

The remainder of 2017 and 2018 saw the Mission attempting to build on its good foundations, holding monthly services, and teaching those people who wished to be baptised.  We are grateful to God for all that He has given us!

parish photo 201901

In a community of our size and age, our history is still being written. We invite you to become a part of this history.


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